The Sleeping Watchdogs

Few reporters seemed to think it was important enough to even mention, and the Associated Press mentions it only in passing in the third graf of its story below, but Judge Karen Ahn conducted a hearing on a third trial for Christopher Deedy "in her chambers." That means it was a hearing to which the press and public were shut out, a closed proceeding. You may recall that on July 17, 2014, the headline in Civil Beat was that the Hawaii Supreme Court "rebukes" Deedy judge over closed proceedings. But it doesn't seem as if any reporter felt compelled to complain about the closed proceeding involving the third trial, much less deem it worthy of mentioning in their stories...except in passing. or perhaps calling the judge on snubbing her nose at the Hawaii Supreme Court. Is this what happens when the watchdog media falls asleep?

Judge sets a date for U.S. agent’s possible third trial

August 30, 2014

The Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - A judge is tentatively scheduling a possible third trial for a federal agent recently found not guilty of murder in the shooting death of a man in a Waikiki fast-food restaurant.

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Janice Futa said after the jury acquitted Christopher Deedy of murder that she'll recommend another trial for manslaughter and assault. The jury wasn't able to agree on those lesser charges. The first jury a year ago deadlocked and a mistrial was declared.

Judge Karen Ahn met with attorneys Friday in her chambers. According to court minutes, Ahn scheduled trial for the week of Sept. 8 if the defense doesn't prevail in motions to stop another trial. Defense attorney Thomas Otake says he plans to file motions to dispose of the charges and avoid another trial.

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