Support AP Workers

While at the Capitol yesterday, I was handed a flyer by one of the local AP journalist. Here's some of what's in the flyer:

Journalists at The Associated Press, the world's biggest news organization, are under assault -- and we need your help. Associated Press journalists and technicians are the backbone of the news business, delivering unbiased coverage from across the globe. When you read a newspaper, surf the Internet or turn on the TV or radio, you get news, photos and video from the AP. Now AP wants to make drastic cuts in our retirement income, even though the company has enjoyed several years of strong growth - and made a commitment to our retirement security. .... Many newsrooms across the nation have been decimated by layoffs, and the rely more than ever on The Associated Press. We need a fair contract to make sure the AP retains its experienced journalists. The nation needs a journalism organization that does not take sides, verifies the facts and reached beyond the rhetoric to explain why a story is important to you.

Now, since I joined Media Council Hawaii, I've become even more critical and skeptical of the news media, so I'm not saying everything the flyer says is true. However, there's no doubt we need more diversity in new media and AP

is an important part of that. What's more, what's going on with the AP workers mirrors what is going on in the public and private sector across the country: an attack on workers to shore up profits and budgets of companies and governments. The flyer asks you to: your support for reliable, quality journalism we produce. Join the thousands of people around the world who have signed our online petition at

Again, I don't suggest all their claims are true, but I do believe we need to support unionized workers and we need to support a diverse news media. I signed the petition and urge you to do the same.