Shift Change in Hawaii Media

Over the last month, Hawaii's media has seen quite the shift change in staffers. Will this mean new jobs will open up? Or does it fit a trend noted by Robert Niles, that journalism is the fastest dying industry? Let us know what you think. Here's a quick list of staff changes:

  • Minna Sugimoto is leaving Hawaii News Now for a PR job, Today
  • Ron Mizutani announced his plans to leave KHON for CommPac , March 21
  • Charles Memminger joined CommPac, March 16
  • Oskar Garcia named new AP Hawaii editor, March 21
  • Civil Beat: Dan Zelikman (March 17) and Kathryn Poythress (March 12) left, Nathan Eagle joined (March 12), Adrienne LaFrance began writing for Harvard's Nieman Lab (March 7).
  • Jodi Leong left KITV for UH (March 2)
  • Genie Garner, New Director at KITV left for the mainland (February 22)