New Actions to Amend TV Ad Buys and Campaign Finance Disclosure

The Campaign Legal Center urged their membership in a release today to support an amendment to require disclosure of groups buying television advertisements, such as political action committee's. From the release:

The amendment to improve transparency in federal elections was introduced by Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA).  The underlying bill has drawn criticism that it will impede the FCC’s ability to protect consumers but this amendment would require groups running political ads on TV to disclose their all contributors of more than $10,000 and place a list of these funders in the political files of the broadcast stations running the ads.

The Campaign Legal Center is a Washington, D.C.-based, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization which works in the areas of campaign finance and elections, political communication and government ethics. In addition to the Campaign Legal Center, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Government, the Sunlight Foundation, the League of Women Voters, Democracy 21, Public Citizen and Common Cause are all backing Rep. Eshoo's amendment.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 28th at noon ET (6 a.m. HST) Common Cause is holding a webinar entitled, Only People Are People: Amend 2012 for overturning Citizens United.  Common Cause’s national chairman, Robert Reich, will be joined by national director of Amend 2012, Derek Cressman and pollster Joshua Estevan Ulibarri. The webinar will focus on restoring "everyday Americans to our rightful place at the center of our politics."