Media Ownership Comments Submitted by MCH for FCC Quadrennial Review

On Monday, Media Council Hawaii filed QR 2010 Comments with the FCC. The document is cosigned by the Benton FoundationCommon CauseCommunications Workers of AmericaMedia AllianceNational Organization for Women Foundation and the Office of Communications of United Church of Christ, Inc. In the comments we are requesting a number of changes that will help prevent the kind of virtual mergers like we face here with Raycom. A study of shared services agreements by University of Delaware professor, Danilo Yanich, illuminates the number and styles of these agreements nationally.

By May 2010, when MCH and Communications Workers of America (CWA) filed joint comments in the Future of Media proceeding, their research had uncovered sharing arrangements in 42 different markets. A study published in October 2011 by University of Delaware professor Danilo Yanich found that there were as many as 83 television markets with at least one sharing arrangement.

The document also sets forth concerns about media ownership for minorities and women.

Once again, a big mahalo goes to Angela Campbell and the Institute for Public Representation at Georgetown University for all their help.