Community Media Maps Highlight Gap of Public File Info from Hawaii TV Stations

At left, are two maps of Hawaii television stations. The first shows all stations in the state, while the second has only stations where public file information has been collected and scanned. These maps are part of the Community Media Database pilot project designed to collect and present information about community media providers in the United States. To aid

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in the FCC's effort of getting television public file information online, the Community Media Database has created the map of U.S. community media providers by management type, using the National Center for Media Engagement's mapping tool. The map contains over 2,000 community access television providers and over 800 Low Power FM radio stations. More specifically, the site offers a state-by-state breakdown of Access TV, Broadcast TV, & Noncommercial FM Radio with Congressional Districts. At right, Hawaii is in focus, with pins color-coded and marking station ownership. Yellow indicates ownership by a non-profit group, of which there many stations represented. However, blue markers are commercial stations, which have the ability to broadcast throughout the state. (Click the map for more details.) We've just begun digging into the data, but will keep you posted on other findings as roll out our media and money tracking project for the 2012 election cycle soon.